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August 13th the Luncheon will be hosted by TBA, noon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Customer Service Awards

When it comes to Customer Service--Raleys comes thru again!
General Membership luncheon, Winners Hotel and Casino, Feb. 2011

BAH (Business After Hours) Mixer at Bella Grazia

Local business owners, managers and employess came out to Bella Grazia on Thursday February 17th, to attend the After Hours Mixer. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Reduce Walk Aways

A message from the Chamber Board

Reduce Walk Aways
One of the worst things a small business can see is unspent money walking out the door. It's difficult and costly to get a potential customer inside your place of business in the first place, don't lose them. When you're busy or attending to other customers, make an effort to acknowledge their presence and assure them someone will be right with them. This should be part of training for all front-line employees and re-enforced regularly.

We've all walked into a store, bank or office and not one has even said hello. You have to wonder if they even saw you and it not, how long do you have to stand there? What if they didn't see you? Should you say something or what? If you do say something and they did know you were there, you might get an embarrassing reply. If it happens to me--I'm outta there! I'm perfectly willing to wait my turn, if its not too long and they acknowledge we're there. Wasn't the reason for going there in the first place to make a purchase?

Make it a pleasant experience, not stressful if you want your customers to come back.

Don't let them leave with the money they came in to spend.