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The 2nd Tuesday of each month.
August 13th the Luncheon will be hosted by TBA, noon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

General Membership Luncheons

What is it and why should you go? The Chamber hosts monthly meetings for their membership in the way of a luncheon. It’s in our by-laws that we have four “General Membership Meetings” a year. Why should you participate? You pay your dues, you’ve fulfilled your obligation, right? Wrong! We need your input and you need to know what your Chamber is doing for you. We all overextend ourselves sometimes, but what we choose to support is an important decision. The Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce is the only organization in town whose main purpose is to support and promote business; the place you get your livelihood. If you are in business, you are benefiting from the activities of the Chamber and should come give your input and ideas, and to voice your concerns, if you have them. The bonus is: it’s lunch. Ya gotta eat, don’t ya? We look forward to seeing you at the next “General Membership Luncheon on Tuesday, June 14. Mark your calendar now!

Jamie Dellera from the Silver State International Rodeo spoke at May’s Luncheon, held at the Winnemucca Inn on Tuesday, May 10th.

She spoke about the upcoming influx of over 500 participants in July (the week of the 4th) and what it can mean to your business.

For more information and updated details about this upcoming event, call the Convention Center at 623-5071.

Customer Service Award

Chamber President, Betty Lawrence presented Winnemucca Inn employee D’Ann Brown, with the Chamber’s Monthly Customer Service Award.

Nominated by Jeff Putnam and Fred Baryol, they find her to exemplify every aspect of a special service person.

To quote, “from her greeting, her attention to the needs of her customers, through check out, she is a true ambassador for both the Winnemucca Inn and the city of Winnemucca.”

The Chamber congratulates Brown and the Winnemucca Inn for a job well done!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let the Spring Spruce Up Begin!

We ask it every year...are you ready for tourist season? Have you walked across the street from your establishment and really taken a good look at it? Sometimes we need to reevaluate our curb appeal. And believe me, the Chamber does too...our flower pots are nonexistent at the present. ( We will be working hard to get ready for tourist season in the next few weeks.)

First impressions state who we are....who you are....who Winnemucca, as a town, is.
Last month over 690 visitors stopped in at the Chamber Office on their way to other places. That's a huge potential for your business--690 people. Granted, some won't shop (they just need to use the loo), some will want to know what restaurants we have, some will grab a map, but some--a good percentage, will want to stay for a few hours and shop.
This is where 'curb appeal investment' comes in!
Not only tourists and visitors, but a new spruced up look on the outside, can entice even the most hardened community member to come see what you are up to.
This is where your Chamber Board (brilliant thinkers that they are) comes in.

The Chamber is holding a contest...the very first SPRING SPRUCE UP! Local businesses, all around town, are encouraged to spruce up their storefronts with a bit of paint, a few flower pots, some new signage, new window dressings or any other 'curb appeal' they can think of. Businesses that wish to be judged for the contest will be eligible to win $50 dollars in Chamber checks and 3 days of free advertising on the Chamber marquee, as well as have their picture published in the Humboldt Sun. THREE DAYS OF FREE ADVERTISING! Think of it--that's a huge return on your 'spruce up' investment, not to mention the customers who will notice and be flocking to your door!

As stated above, one does not need to be a downtown business, the Chamber judges will travel all over town to see your spruce ups! Just call the Chamber office and leave your intention of participating in the contest and have your Spruce Ups done by Wednesday, June 8th, the day before the first 2011 Winnemucca Kruise Night. Each participant will be promoted at Kruise Night--for the community at large to stop by and see what each business has done--and the Judges will have an exciting few days of visiting each business and inviting all to the Chamber Luncheon on June 14th for photo opts, announcement of the winner and presentation of the Chamber Checks.

So Winnemucca businesses--are you with us?
Let the Spring Spruce Up begin!!

For more information, call the Chamber office at 623-2225